Our methodology.

Visual Thinking is a tool that helps simplify complex concepts and processes through the use of images. These images provide clear and direct messages improving understanding. Visual Thinking can be applied in several formats: visualizations, presentations, videos, mind-maps, infographics...


Allows a better communication and interaction among people.

Stimulates the creation of connections among ideas and elements.

Accelerates learning.

Increases remembrance.

Generates a shared universal language.

Improves attention and understanding.

Helps tangibilize abstract concepts.

Fosters the creation of new points of view.

Reinforces perception.

Facilitates the viralization of content.

Where do we apply it.

Visual Thinking services.

01Graphic Recording

02Process Visualization

03Visual Templates


Graphic Recording

It is a visual minute/summary of what happened in a meeting, event or training. Compiles and crystallizes visually the information provided in conferences live adding an edge to your event. We do it live so participante can look at the developing of the graphic summary at any point in time. The recording will be finished by the end of the event providing a tool that supports the summary and closing of the session highlighting the most meaningful content.

It provides an effect that brings people together and creates connections with ideas assuring communication and above all, the continuity of the event. It is a different way of closing up together in a joint.

The most used material is paper but we also work on foam board, PVC, wood… as well as digital format.

Process Visualization

We listen to you and design an (exclusive or customized) illustration that summarizes your idea. Showing the world what you do is not always an easy task, that is why working on the concept and on a single image that gathers what you want to say is crucial. This will help you on the communication, the understanding and the sells processes.

Through Visual Thinking we transform words into pictures taking your message further, over, under through and beyond; making it transcend time.

Visual Templates

We support of the development of your business developing visual tools for an empowering team dynamic. This fosters participation, improves communication and performance, thus boosting results.

The design for visual templates will help you in idea, aspirado and strategy generation processes and will raise the participation of every person involved.


We offer training courses designed ad hoc that will guide through the practice and improvement of your visual skills for a more effective communication.

Visual Thinking for beginners
Start incorporating visual thinking feel the difference.

Visual Thinking will improve your team work.

Concept visualization notably enhances learning.

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